From here you can get to some pages about a few relatives.

My great grandfather's brother Carl Gustav Theodore Olson was a painter. He painted two panels for a church in Brooklyn which is a short trip from where I lived in Kew Gardens. (Also, my father's father's brother Gideon was pastor there.) Carl G.T. Olson mostly lived and worked around eastern Massachusetts. My ancestor, Magnus Olson (his brother) settled his family in Gladstone, Michigan, about 6 hours drive from where I live now on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Magnus changed from woodcarving, to carpentry and furniture repair, and sometimes built houses. His son worked in a sawmill and became a high school shop teacher. My dad is an engineer and so am I.

See the photos of Carl G.T. Olson paintings in Bethlehem Lutheran

Ole Frederiksen is a distant cousin somewhere on my mother's father's father's side. Niels Jørgen Rasmussen emigrated from Nordby, Holbæk, Denmark in 1890, and was married to Ellen Marie Jensen. (Verify such things in the Danish Emigration Archive.) His brother Jørgen Søren had a son Arendt who lived in Nordby Samsø. There were letters between the American and Danish branches of the family up to the 1980s.

Read a little story about Ole along with a very brief letter of his. If you're Ole Frederiksen please write.

Erik Olson,