Macintosh LDraw Survey


Your answers on this survey will help guide the development of Macintosh software for making virtual Lego models. This exciting area is known as LDraw, and was made popular by the LDraw program for DOS and many other programs since. (See for more about that.)

There are two free LDraw programs now available on Mac OS:

Both of them are still what you would call Beta software. I'm the guy working on them and I wrote this survey to get feedback on what people want.


1.) What do you want RIGHT NOW in a Macintosh LDraw program? This will influence what gets done first in BrickDraw3D.
1=Top Priority, 5=No Big Deal
(please choose only ONE top priority.)

Model editing
Model viewing
File Polling (text editor)
Part creation
Mac OS X (Carbonized)
Pure OpenGL
POV Export

2.) What versions of Mac OS do you want to use this on? (check all that apply)

3.) What particular hardware do you want to run it on?
(for example, Blue G3/400, Voodoo 5500, etc)

4.) Any further comments for these general questions?

Mac OS X

5.) When do you expect to use Mac OS X?

6.) Further ideas for Mac OS X?


7.) Do you use Linux on your Mac?

8.) How useful would these programs be to you if you had them under Linux on your Mac?
1=Big Win, 5=No Big Deal


9.) Further suggestions about Linux? (requests, etc)

Interoperability with other programs

10.) What other graphics programs would you like to share model files with? (for example Bryce, Illustrator)

11.) What export file formats would this require (for example DXF, 3DMF, POV, 3DS)

12.) What interoperability features would really make your day? (for example, embedding in MS Office. Just kidding!)

13.) Further suggestions for interoperability?

About Yourself

14.) Your name:

15.) Email address:
(So the author can contact you)

16.) Do you want to receive announcements when software is released? (you can opt out later)

17.) Anything you want to say about your projects, needs, skills, etc?

That's It! Push the button to send in your answers.