Brick-and-Mortar-Style Depiction

These are some ideas for walls depicting brick and mortar. I'm not happy with doing solid red just because some building is made of plain red bricks in the real world.

Of course the mortar would be thinner than the smallest Lego element if one were building to scale for minifigs. Scale is not important. What is important is that a building gets across the idea that it represents a certain familiar style.

One suggestion I received was to build entirely with 1x2 and 1x1 plates. The cracks between pieces would suggest mortar. This is a fine idea for a precise appearance. I am trying for a less precise and more colorful technique. Also the pieces should be common enough!

Only when I have settled on a style will I dare to construct one of the 7-story apartment buildings I have in mind!





Corner Bricks

Yet another technique is to show interlocking bricks at the corners. It's a variation on the idea of including just the occasional odd-color brick, as on castle walls. In real life, corner bricks like these are left uncovered by stucco to yield a craftsy style.


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