These photos are from a 1982 class trip (Ella Iles Elementary School) to White Sands Missile Range. The space shuttle Columbia was on display one week after landing at this alternate site.

See NASA's site for details of shuttle mission STS-3.


Background: Space Shuttle Columbia, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, 4 Apr 1982

Back Row L to R:
June Lackey, Jake Bowers, Tim Morrow, Brenda Sutton(?), Janet Molloy, ?, Lisa Bowers (?), David Olson, Grady Lackey
Middle L to R:
?, ?, ?, Erik Olson, Graig Donini, Angela Nash ?
Front L to R:
Shani Franklin, ?, Traci Carpenter, Rebecca Dotts (?)

If you are one of these people or you can correct any names then please send email to Erik

Columbia CAUTION Part of the visitor handout for White Sands Missile Range. Do not touch or handle strange looking objects on the ground!

A-Frame Cabin
The Lackeys' cabin where we stayed
View from Highway 52
White Sands View from Highway 52

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